Offer Your Professional Insight

Business En Route is a digital publication that investigates how the digital economy affects the corporate world and what companies are doing to stay at the helm of emerging technologies in a cut-throat race towards a sustainable, circular economy in Europe.

Why are you seeing this page?

You have been asked to contribute to an upcoming story which will be published in the Business En Route digital publication. The editor believes that your professional insight would deliver added value to the story that is being penned.

Why should you consider answering the questions sent to you?

Answering the questions sent to you is a genuine win-win situation; for you and for the editor of the publication.

Your answers will be quoted to you or professionals working for your business so you can display their expertise to support authority around your business.

At the end of the article, you can place a link to the landing page to your business, as well as link to your quoted experts LinkedIn page.

No fees are included for appearing in the publication. The editor maintains editorial freedom, but you can fact-check your quotes before publication.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with the editor via the communication channels included in the email sent to you.

Business En Route is a publication by Christian Keszthelyi.

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